Blood collection tubes

Vacuum test tubes for venous blood collection are made from the PET material, which has excellent properties in terms of maintaining the vacuum inside the test tube and the lack of undesirable reactions when contacting blood samples.

All test tubes already contain the required reagents for conducting different kinds of analyses, which are applied on test tube walls by means of spraying (except for the test tubes which do not need reagents) in the required concentration, i.e. depending on the predetermined vacuum level. All vacuum test tubes undergo the procedure of radiation sterilization.

The high quality of the systems for blood collection allows to keep the number of errors at the preanalytical phase to a minimum.

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The Lind-Vac® system contains all of the required accessories for safe and convenient blood collection. A wide selection of needles, butterfly catheters, holders, and other accessories will allow you to select the best possible combination, with due consideration of peculiarities of each individual patient. Accessories are produced under the strict control of OÜ InterVacTechnology and conform to all of the relevant requirements in terms of quality and compatibility.

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COVID-19 diagnostics products

In the face of the health emengency of Novel coronavirus Covid-19, we as a medical consumables manufacturer works to meet the demands of customers. We have expanded our range of products with products for Covid-19diagnostics. Here is a Product selection for COVID-19 research.

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Our products

We offer products of the highest quality, which facilitate and accelerate the work of doctors and their assistants, make patients feel themselves more comfortable, and provide the impeccable accuracy of analyses. Our products generate positive emotions and a high level of trust. Through the internal and external values of the company, we are aiming at becoming one of the most important manufacturers and suppliers of blood collection systems in Russia, Europe, South Asia, and Africa.

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Ongoing quality control

We pay special attention to quality control at all stages of production. All of the raw materials undergo a test for compliance with requirements and quality – we only do cooperation with trusted and approved suppliers. Manufacturing lines are equipped with automatic control systems for such factors as the integrity of components, the accuracy of chemical additives, the predetermined vacuum level, and many others. After the sterilization process is completed, we hold additional product tests for microbiology as well as other check-up tests.

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