InterVacTechnology OÜ offers its plastic items production services.
We start from construction detailed design and finish with final production.

A required item 3D model printing

We have an opportunity to design and print the 3D model of the required item with the sizes up to 295x295x395 mm for a detailed picture and a possibility to determine better final appearance.

Press moulds production

In a general production process this stage takes the most important and significant role because the quality and duration of the item use directly depends on the quality of press moulds design work.

Plastic molding in “clean room”

It happens that getting the final item means multi-level assembly. It consists of several parts and bricks of different sizes. You will not need to spend number of weeks for items assembly because we are doing it for you.

Final items packing

We offer any type of items packing service. During all the time of our work. We have gained plenty of packing and packing material selection knowledge and skills we ever had. The process depends on the item weight, volume and usage. We clearly focus on the characteristics of transportation and take into account the specifics of regions and localities where the product will be delivered.

Storage and delivery

You may always use our clear, precise and perfectly functioning Logistics system. All the products take their place thanks to distributed shelving storage system.
Distance is not a hindrance. If you are located in other region or city you just order the delivery of items from our warehouse to the final point. You save time and money, we deliver with pleasure!

If you have questions about our products or services, please don’t hesitate to contact us!